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The Upper Room Church


The Upper Room Church in Belfast.

The church was establishes in an upper room of an engineering factory.

E&D Engineering in 1995. It was more like a store, wooden floor, no ceiling

cold, damp and the windows let in the rain. But it was a happy beginning.

The 3 windows of the UR. There was one toilet, a sink unit.

Not much to begin with. But with a little help we got carpet for the floor

a suspended ceiling and fixed the leaking windows. We build a small platform

and the engineering company made us a wrought iron surround. We were given

an overhead projector and a screen. Made a pulpit. No microphones but played

an acoustic guitar and keyboard . They were happy times. I just stood on the platform

and preached without any microphones. The people began to come in and it grew to

around 35 of a congregation. We opened Sunday Evenings and Thursday Evenings.

We had great fellowship after the meetings with sandwiches and a cup of tea.

In the winter we had 3 Super ser Gas Heaters going. £5 a refill of gas.

And we had some great speakers come and preach for us.

Dr James McConnell who was the senior pastor of Whitewall Metropolitan Church

The biggest church in Belfast with at congregation of 4000 at that time.

Dr McConnell has since retired. And we had Dr Samuel Grant from

Christchurch Carrickfergus. We were in that little upper room for

3 years than a Church Hall became vacant. It belonged to the

Belfast City Missions. so we decided to go for it. There is a story behind it

but God came through for us. When we our time ended in the U R Factory.

Child Evangelist Fellowship bought the whole premises of E&D Engineering.
They completely flattened it and built a whole new building for themselves.

Inside the
Upper Room

Child Evangelist Fellowship                        Our New Church Hall

Our new platform within our new hall

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The Upper Room Church